Using the top-shelf technology and top quality materials (of european origin) in our production process, Ferokotao is producing finwall panels with following characteristics:

Panel height:
B = 400-1.600 mm
Fin strip thickness: S = 1.0, 1.2 or 1,5 mm
Fin depth: H = 40(35) – 400 mm
Fin distance: P = 45 mm (standard, min. 38mm)


Corrugated wall tank has to endure high mechanical loads which can occur during operation or transport of the distribution transformer. Our experience, acquired over decades of successful manufacturing development, combined with modern technology and high-quality welding, results in final products which fulfill the highest quality standards.

Corrugated walls are made of cold-rolled steel in coils. In a hermetically sealed transformer, while in operation, there is always some volume change of the transformer liquid, caused by temperature change and it has to be compensated by finwalls (hermetically sealed tanks) or by tank conservator mounted on top (in case of non-hermetic transformer tanks). The most complex component is the cover, because it not only seals the tank (by bolting or welding it to the tank), but it hosts most of the transformer equipment connections.