Quality and environmental protection

Our quality system is rounded up by certificates ISO 9001:2015 te ISO 14001:2015

We continuously work on raising our competitiveness and promoting cleaner production.

All our activities are aimed at reaching and maintaining customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products and respecting agreed conditions. We at Ferokotao strive to exceed our customer's expectations by developing technical competence of all employees and fostering flexibility as one of fundamental values in FEROKOTAO.

To be environmentally responsible in all our manufacturing and business processes is one of the most important guidelines for all our employees. Working hand in hand with our customer's design departments we move technological barriers towards environmentally safer technologies and manufacturing processes, thus improving environmental impact of the entire industry segment.

Environmental protectionin 3 steps

Environmental protection is a important part of each development plan

Savings in using material and power

Using environmentally friendly materials and procedures

Reduction of waste generation

Quality certificates

  • Quality: EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental protection: EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Welding qualification: EN ISO 3834-2:2007 and EN 1090-2:2018(EXC3)
  • 1 EWE
  • 1 EWT
  • 1 FROSIO Inspectors Level III
  • 2 VT II
  • 2 MT II
  • 1 UT II
  • 1 PT II